Looking For The Best Botox In Boston? We Have You Covered

Looking for the best Botox in Boston? Look no further! We found Seaport MedSpa, one of the top medical aesthetic providers thinking outside of the box when it comes to the delivery of skin care treatments in the “New Normal.”

The world of Boston medical aesthetics skyrocketed in 2020 with many young professionals becoming conscious of wrinkles while staring at their face during countless Zoom meetings. While the demand increased for Med Spa services such as BOTOX, dermal fillers and PRP treatments accessibility for these services were restricted due to COVID-19 and many consumers not wanting or able to leave their home.

WeekendPick went out to search for innovative medical aesthetics providers and came across the team at Seaport MedSpa. They are delivering non-surgical skincare treatments to Boston residences looking to be rejuvenated in the comfort of their home. We like to think of Seaport MedSpa as the Uber for skincare where customers can book an appointment online and have a master injector arrive at their front door.

To learn more about this unique approach we caught up with the founders of Seaport MedSpa, Marielle Benayun and Elizabeth Tarpinian both board certified nurse practitioners that have specialized in medical spa treatments.

“Seaport MedSpa has always provided an in-home on-demand business model but Covid-19 has really accelerated the need for in-home where many clients feel safer having someone come to them” says Benayun. “The demand for in home-services and the instant gratification is nothing new, where companies like Amazon, Uber and others have been building this as the standard for many years and we are just following the trend.”

Benayun is right about the growing demand for services to be brought directly to your door but we argued might this aggressive shift go away when consumers feel comfortable leaving their home again?

“We fully understand this, which is why we have implemented a hybrid model, offering clients the ability to receive treatments at our weekly pop up events we host in brick and mortar locations in Boston’s Seaport and on Newbury Street” Tarpinian said. “We like to keep it fresh and exciting for our clients allowing them a choice of where to receive our services.”

With consumer interest growing, Seaport MedSpa is not looking to scale the size of the business but instead put laser focus on the level and quality of the services performed.

“Many Med Spa locations become too corporate and lose focus on their clients, where we are all about personalized attention encouraging our clients to text us and receive either Elizabeth or myself on the other end and not some chat bot” says Benayun. “We perform very delicate procedures and client trust is everything. We want to make sure each client is 100% comfortable before anything is performed.”

Moving into 2021 we are excited to see what’s to come for this duo of young entrepreneurs and where this skincare movement takes them.  

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